Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cooking this Week #1

Okay so it's Sunday, the beginning of a new week and the beginning of my children's Spring Break! Yay!! Well yay for them, for me that means more food to cook, more dishes to wash and more chaos!!! But that's okay I thrive in chaos. But if you don't see me post by this time next Sunday send search and rescue!

Most people plan meals ahead. It makes shopping easier, prepping easier and just the general week easier. I am not one of those people. Oh sure when I shop I intend on making certain things, but I am a mood cook, like I am a mood reader. I like to cook what I feel inspired to cook. 

I like to go into my kitchen and let the food speak to me. So no real planning just food-spiration! 

But there are usually a few things that I know I am going to make and that's what this post will be for. Every week I will tell you a basic idea of what I plan to cook and bake throughout the week. 

Shopping this month I was inspired by my butcher. I bought a Chuck Roast and had my butcher slice it for sandwiches, so this week I will be making beef sandwiches of some kind. I am not sure what those will look like yet, but you can bet there will be a recipe on the blog about it! It could look like a french dip, a panini or a roast beef sandwich. Really anything goes!

This week I also plan to make oven fried chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, enchilada's, and some kind of breakfast. Of course I will be making more, but I haven't figured it out quite yet! 

And as far as baking goes...this week I plan to make chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream, cookies and rice crispie treats. Also this week I plan on perfecting my recipe for yellow cake and practicing my piping skills, because they are severely lacking! 

So there you have it, my general cooking and baking plan for the week! 

What does your cooking or baking week look like???

Thanks, Yell!

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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