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Having worked in restaurants as a server and manger, and later rotating through every job sparked my love and joy for food. Prompting me to get my bachelor's degree in hotel, restaurant, tourism and management. Through school my culinary excitement was met by studying under very talented and creative chefs who helped cultivate my culinary passion. After continuing on in the restaurant industry after graduation I was again submersed in the wonderful world that is food. But if you know anything about restaurant work there is little time for family. So, I left the adrenaline pumping restaurant life behind to try and become a high school culinary teacher where I can ignite the flames of passion in today's youth. Now I quench my culinary cravings by creating and cooking wonderful meals for my family.

Stick around and cultivate your culinary passion.

I have a large family so all my recipes will represent that, I will try to put a yield for my recipes, but there are times when I forget or I just don't know. But you can bet it yields enough to feed my family of 7! Usually everything I make can feed at least 9 to 10 people.

*All recipes highlighted on this blog were created by me, unless stated otherwise. 

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