Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cupcake Mania

Okay, I think it is safe to say I am obsessed with cupcakes. It's okay, you can say it. I can take it. I am obsessed. But that's okay.

I have come to accept my cupcake obsession and turn it into blogging perfection! Like my rhyming there? Yeah, me neither, but oh well, I'm not taking it back now.

Well anyway, back to why I am writing this post. I know that I have been kind of absent from this blog lately, and that has a lot to do with the fact that I have not had a lot of culinary inspiration the last couple of weeks. I know, sad right?

But the good news is, that my culinary inspiration is back!! Can I get a fist bump?! Oh yeah! So what can you expect from me in the upcoming weeks.......cupcakes of course!

First I will give you a recipe for my Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Frosting....Yup that's this lovely little cupcake right here!

I will also give you my recipe for Mango Peach Cupcakes with Pomegranate Cream Cheese Frosting.....that's this one.......

And I plan on creating.......an Apple Pie Cupcake with Caramel Buttercream and a Smores' Cupcake with Marshmallow filling and a Graham Cracker Crust. I haven't figured out the frosting just yet, but you can bet your yumminess that it will be delish! 

Well there you have it, my cupcake obsession! What can I say, when I walk in my kitchen it screams CUPCAKE!!!

Have a good one! And I will catch you on the blogging flip side!

"Devouring worlds, one book and recipe at a time."

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